High Cotton Consulting is a Washington, D.C. based fundraising firm specializing in raising money for Republican Members of Congress, candidates, and parties.

Our focus is bringing money in the door.

Fundraising is not hard, but it is time consuming and very detailed. We create a system for each of our clients that stresses urgency and encourages follow-up. High Cotton Consulting handles every aspect of fundraising: from developing a prospect list to creating and tracking call lists.  We manage your donor data, track RSVPs, follow up on pledges, collect checks, and handle thank you notes. Every detail of your event is covered: from the invitation to staffing, booking, even nametags.

Alexandra Kendrick, President


D.C. PAC Fundraising

We handle all aspects to ensure Members are getting the most out of their time fundraising and maximizing time spent serving their constituents

D.C. Fly-Ins for Candidates

Instead of a shotgun approach, we do the work on the front end to ensure a candidate’s meetings are productive, and we handle the follow up to maximize donations

In-District Fundraising

D.C. is important, but the priority is to ensure you have support from your home district



raised in 2018 cycle


improvement for new clients over previous cyles

We’ve been in the fight.

We know what it takes.

It’s time for High Cotton


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